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March 05 2015

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Zachary Eagle (today free) was charged with shooting and killing his own father with a hunting rifle. Zachary claimed he did it because he was being sexually abused, and feared the same would happen to his little brother and sister. He was sentenced 7 years in Juvenile Prison with the possibility of being sent to adult prison at age 21.

On August 1st he ended his time in juvenile corrections and began adult probation as part of his sentence.

a young boy kills someone to protect himself and his siblings and goes to prison for 7 years and will never get a proper education and maybe even a career. a cop repeatedly shoots an 18 year old, unarmed kid and he gets $1000,000+

February 27 2015


February 02 2015

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Kathrin Vogler ist Bundestagsabgeordnete der Partei Die Linke und dort eine der aktivsten Unterstützerinnen des Friedenswinters 2014/15.

Auf twitter berichtet sie jetzt, wie ein Journalist ihr gestand, dass es in der "Auf-jeden-Fall-nicht-die-Wahrheit-sagenden"-Presse Stallorder gibt entweder gar nicht über Die Linke (und sicher auch nicht über den Friedenswinter) zu berichten und wenn, dann nur negativ.

Alle Berichte müssen vorher "oben" zur Kontrolle eingereicht werden.

Welch Armutszeugnis für die Presse hierzulande! Entlarvend!

Quelle: https://twitter.com/voglerk/status/561446880270618624

January 30 2015

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Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

The 43 million tons of radioaxctive waste are contained in 43 million sacks, made of strong fabric, of 1 ton each.

The Japanese Government intends to incinerate all that radioactive waste in incinerators to be constructed in each municipality of Fukushima.

At this time only one incinerator is already constructed, and in operation since this January 2015, in the village of Kawauchi, Futaba municipality, with an incineration capacity of 7 tons per day.

Few non-answered questions about incineration remain :

1, Many of these sacks contain mixed content : vegetal and wood, contaminated soil scrapped off the land. To incinerate such debris mixed with soil might not be easy as soil can't be burned.

During the incineration, it is impossible to filter all the radionuclides particles contained in that contaminated waste. What percentage of those will be during incineration getting released into the air, into the surrounding environment ?

Incineration is only the first step, in order to reduce the volume of radioactive waste, to be further wrap into concrete for longer storage.

Those fabric sacks are only solid enough to resist up to 5 years in outdoor weather conditions.
How long will it take to incinerate the whole 43 million tons of radioactive waste ?

Even if you would imagine all those incinerators finished to be contructed in the 59 municipalities of Fukushima, if those incinerators daily capacity is the same as the present incinerator of Kawauchi village, we can do the maths :

43 million tons divided by 59 incinerators, divided by 7 tons per day, divided by 365 days(a year)
equals 285.

Don't forget that the quantity of radioactive waste will continue also to grow, as Fukushima prefecture is 80% forested mountains which can't be decontaminated, from which the next strong rains, winds will rescatter additional radionuclides to the decontaminated areas, plus the Fukushima Daiichi 3 reactors meltdown out of confinement continuously spitting into the open sky concentrations of gaseous radionuclides, resulting in daily additional contamination also.

Some locations have already been decontaminated up to 3 times, the contamination always returning to its pre-decontamination levels.

Decontamination in Fukushima will never end in these conditions, it is a never-ending story.

Plus already the government has difficulties in municipalities accepting to shelter temporary storage facilities, everyoneone wanting to get rid of it, no one accepting to shelter it.

Beside the 43 million tons of radioactive waste below the 8000 becquerels per kg threshold, there is still 127,500 tons of radioactive waste which exceeds the 8000 becquerels per kg threshold. That waste including incineration ash, sewage sludge, compost and paddy straw, some above the 100,000 becquerels per kg.

The government plans to use existing facilities, as well as an interim facility for 30
years storage, to be constructed in the town of Futaba and Okuma, very close to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
But the local people are opposed to such project, delaying it by slowing down any negotiations from the government attempting to buy land where to build such facility.

January 21 2015

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January 20 2015


oder, um mit Chomsky zu reden, es gibt ein einfaches Mittel, den Terrorismus zu stoppen: mit dem eigenen aufhören.

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January 14 2015

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Startling extended Tamir Rice video surfaces 

Tamir Rice’s 14-year-old sister was left to watch her 12-year-old brother lay dying in the snow after he was shot by a Cleveland police officer on the afternoon of Nov. 22, 2014. The teen girl, who was tackled and detained as she tried to approach her brother’s body, watched the ordeal unfold in handcuffs, while sitting in the back of a police cruiser less than 10 feet from his body

The disturbing new details match the account given by Rice’s mother, Samaria, at a press conference in December

I’m about to vomit

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January 13 2015

Those eyes
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Who didn't see that one coming ;)

January 08 2015

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2014 - A plain-clothes NYPD officer goes to help with an arrest, kicks fellow cop in the head because he thinks that’s the person being arrested. [video]

The NYPD, folks. 

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January 07 2015


January 03 2015


January 01 2015


December 24 2014

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